Monday, December 2, 2013

Where are my rulers?

I ordered my Tri Rec and Easy Angle rulers online. The closest place to buy is in the city which is 40 miles away. I can order online at WalMart and get free shipping to my local store. The website says they will be here Monday December 2nd - 3 days AFTER the first clue is released! I have other things I need to do like pull my fabric, finish assembling my radiating star quilt top, cook Thanksgiving dinner, clean .... You too huh?
So I cleaned. I cooked. I cleaned again.

I shopped online after everyone went to bed Thanksgiving night. More online shopping Friday. I refuse to go to the stores for their crazy pushy sales. I get online and snag the same deals :D

Part way thru my Friday shopping I get an email then a text - my order is in. My order is in? My order is in! Wahoo! But I'm nursing a cold. And tired from shopping all night. And I do not want to drive to town because even the closest WalMart is over 10 miles. And it is always crowded. Whiiiiiiiiiiiiine ...

My sweet husband came home after dark and loaded me into his truck. He drove me to town, fed me fried chicken and took me to pick up my Tri Rec and Easy Angle rulers. Thankfully the store was almost empty. This alone was a sign from God. This same store is packed every single day. I try to only shop there late at night. I prefer to drive 25 miles away to a quieter store. Enough about my bizarre shopping habits though.

I have my rulers!! I haven't pulled my fabric yet. Nor do I know how to use them. Time for me to step up my game :)

Have a great day!!

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