Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Camo Diaper Cover

This granddaughter pic on the pink rosebud blanket with the most precious baby girl in a pink camo diaper cover .... I stitched that. Happily stitched it in fact.

Oh I'm shameless, here is the pic again. I have several versions if you are bored ;)


I just love making wee little items. Her diaper cover was a last minute thought before she was born. I had some camo flannel left over from making her burp cloths, so of course another project was demanded.

I found the pattern on the Made blog. Dana offers the pattern for free!!

I printed it out, laid it out, cut it out. I was going for newborn and it looked big but turned out beautifully.

Her tutorial is clear and understandable. I deviated when I topstitched my seams, as I'm crazy about the idea of anything possibly chafing baby's delicate skin. I wanted my seams to be still even when she wiggled.

Topstitched seam

It went together super fast and easy - less than an hour! Add elastic and voila! Newborn diaper cover in super soft, pink camo flannel. Precious, feminine and exactly what her country girl momma craved.

What could be cuter? Maybe another Izzabelle pic? 

Ahhhh .... there's my girl. 
This grandmother gig is going to be delightful. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Nursing Cover

My daughter is breastfeeding her baby. Yeah!! I love anything simple, wholesome and frugal. Though she is nursing for her baby's health. I nursed all of my babies too. Anyway, I stitched her a nursing cover so she could feed baby Izzy discreetly.

I found an excellent tutorial online at Sew Much Ado. Nothing to download! You simply measure and follow Abby's very clear tutorial.

I needed fabric, boning and some D rings. How simple is that?

The 2 straps - one short, one long

It has an adjustable neck strap. It can be snugged up tight or relaxed to allow more space to view baby.
Topstitched for neatness

The cover has boning to arc the front center edge up so nursing mothers can make eye contact with their baby.

It went together in about an hour, mainly because I played with the boning. You have to get the boning to arc away from mothers chest so she can peek underneath.

Now I need a pic of my daughter using it ....

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bassinet recovered

We picked up a used bassinet for the baby to nap in during the day. It has wheels that allow us to move it easily from one room to another. My daughter wanted a cover more in line with her favorite colors, as well as easy to remove for washing because babies tend to spew wet muck.

Pink, silver and white polka dots inside and stripes outside. 

No tutorials used here. I took the old cover off, measured, traced and winged the whole project. God blessed me by letting it all come together quickly and easily. My daughter had the baby just a few days after I finished. Whew! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happily Stitched

Smack me, I disappeared. I have been stitching but not all stitching was quilty, so I side stepped my blog. That has to end. I can't feel guilty about sewing unquilted items. Its silly.

My blog is for fun. And now that I have a grandbaby, I am having FABULOUS fun sewing for her. She is just so cute. I'm biased.

Izzabelle born March 3rd, 2015

So .... Meatloaf Quilting as a blog name is not really fitting anymore. I'm quilting but not daily - as often as I can though, in between stitching for my loved ones. I need a new name to cover all of my sewing.

This way I won't have guilt if I share a non quilted item, hehehe. Did you know that guilt makes you fat? Somewhere there is a scientist who will back me up on this ;)

So I will try a new name ... Happily Stitched

Because every other name I wanted was taken! Sheesh :)