Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Nursing Cover

My daughter is breastfeeding her baby. Yeah!! I love anything simple, wholesome and frugal. Though she is nursing for her baby's health. I nursed all of my babies too. Anyway, I stitched her a nursing cover so she could feed baby Izzy discreetly.

I found an excellent tutorial online at Sew Much Ado. Nothing to download! You simply measure and follow Abby's very clear tutorial.

I needed fabric, boning and some D rings. How simple is that?

The 2 straps - one short, one long

It has an adjustable neck strap. It can be snugged up tight or relaxed to allow more space to view baby.
Topstitched for neatness

The cover has boning to arc the front center edge up so nursing mothers can make eye contact with their baby.

It went together in about an hour, mainly because I played with the boning. You have to get the boning to arc away from mothers chest so she can peek underneath.

Now I need a pic of my daughter using it ....

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