Monday, December 9, 2013

Celtic Clue #2 started

In the midst of ice, snow, 9 kids (not all are mine) and general life, I squeaked in some time to cut fabric for the Celtic Solstice Mystery Clue #2. I still need to cut at least 488 neutral squares. I did manage to cut my other pieces. I love looking at Bonnie Hunter's quilts. The scrappy nature of her colors creates a movement over the quilt. They are so very beautiful.

Bonnie Hunter's Old Tobacco Road quilt

However, I get such a back ache cutting fabric. That is my grief when sewing clothes too. I lean over to lay out my pattern, tweak it and pin in. Then I have to cut it. Same thing with this quilt project. I am cutting 1464 pieces to create 244 chevron units. Of course I am cutting extra in case I muck something up. The bonus is I just cut, no laying out of any pattern - yeah!

Slightly over 500 yellow squares

I am now considering one of the machine thingys that will cut fabric. I think in the past, I have unconsciously actually favored big pieces when quilting. My unfinished flimsy (set aside to work on Celtic Solstice) is made of a million HST's from 5 inch squares. Nothing huge but not tiny either.

Celtic Solstice clue #2 has me creating a 3.5 inch unit (finishes at 3 inch) from 6 pieces - 6 pieces for one small 3.5 inch unit! Way different than my usual 5 or so inch size single piece. I love that I am finally learning how Bonnie creates her masterpieces. Wow it can be exhausting though.

Lots of lime rectangles

I will complete this quilt and plan on doing more of Bonnie Hunter's designs. I may work on them as Bonnie encourages - as a scrappy leaders and enders project. I am doing this one from yardage and trying to complete each clue as quickly as possible - aka I feel some pressure to cut everything now. This is my pressure  - my choice.

The best part of this quilt adventure - the Facebook group!! Oh my goodness, I am so glad Bonnie mentioned it on her blog. The people there are the most amazing group of sharing, caring supporters. It's like having 2000 cheerleaders rooting for me as I cut and sew. Every quilt adventure should be this fabulous.

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