Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Green Bag Lady bag

My lovely daughter helps me shop. Otherwise I wouldn't leave the house, LOL. 

I am having a run of good luck because I won a giveaway at the Green Bag Lady website recently. Wahoo! I received the most adorable owl patterned bag. Isn't it pretty? Have you visited the Green Bag Lady website? Click the name and go check her out.

Teresa VanHatten-Granath originated the Green Bag Lady project with the simple and smart idea to use fabric bags instead of paper or plastic. She took it to an even higher eco friendly level by making the bags, with the help of a team of volunteers, from donated material and ... AND ... she gives them away FREE!!  I love this idea. She is making our world a better place.

Can you guess how many bags she has given away? Their site says over 24,000 .... the bag I received is number 25,876!! That is a LOT of bags!

Can you read what the bottom line of the tag says?
Paper or Plastic? FABRIC!

Way to go Green Bag Lady project people!! You are awesome!!

If you have extra, leftover fabric - send it to the Green Bag Lady!
You can also find free patterns on her site to make your own bags.
You can even form a Green Bag chapter in your area.
Go Green!!


  1. This is great! Your daughter is lovely and thanks for such a wonderful post. I'll be posting on Green Bag Lady after the current freebie it over. I don't want people to miss it! Thanks Heidi. I'm glad you like your bag so much, it is a cute one!