Monday, December 30, 2013

I am a rock star quilter. Today at least.

Celtic Solstice Clue #5 was released and we are making split triangles. Another new unit for me! We will use the 'leftover' HST's from Clue #3 to make the split triangles with our neutral and blues.

It looked hard to me. And looked like a lot of steps. AKA more for me to mess up.
Bad attitude alert!!
I slapped myself around until I had a smile, then started my new task.

Black is my neutral so I cut the 2.5" strips to make the side triangles. I whipped out my brand new Easy Angle ruler to cut them and found myself lost. Lay the ruler this way. No, that way. No, try the other corner.
Finally I found what I thought was right and cut a pair of triangles. Laying them next to my HST showed me I wasn't such a dork after all - they looked good! Wahoo! I went back to cutting and will admit I had to flip my ruler several times, every-single-time I cut, before I finally chilled out and realized the correct hand motions to be consistent. Frustrating but I'm proud to say I got it worked out.

I stitched some on, first one side, then the other, press ... Success! I feel like a rock star. Thank you Bonnie Hunter for this mystery quilt that is encouraging me to learn new skills. I am truly gaining confidence.

High on my tiny success, I cut some 3.5" blue strips. Back to being a confused triangle cutter, LOL. They looked too small! Again though it looked fine when I laid it next to a partially constructed unit. Off to sew ...

Another success!! I am a rock star quilter.
Tomorrow we will see what I can muck up, LOL.


I'm proud to say that as of quitting time Sunday evening, I have 143 completely finished split triangles. I also have the black neutral sides on almost all the other HST's. I can finish on Monday or go grocery shopping ... maybe one of the kids can do the shopping ;)

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  1. I would be totally confused also! I have an easy angle ruler, but have not used it yet.

    1. I watched a couple of videos then tried on my own. It's not so bad as long as I keep a clear head :)

  2. They look brilliant! Bonnie has some videos of how to use the rulers if you get stuck again. They are worth watching.

    Happy 2014!

    1. I watched the videos or I would have been sunk, LOL. Thank goodness, Bonnie is a great teacher.
      Happy 2014 to you too!