Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rail Fence Prayer Blocks

I had to go to town to pick up my husbands prescription and a new mattress topper I ordered online, so you know I had to hit the fabric section of Wal Mart. I despise this particular store for being over crowded and under staffed but it's the closest store to our home. We live in a rural area. Can we all say boonies?

Some of our horses grazing by the driveway

I was on the hunt for some white fabric. A sweet blogger friend is creating a prayer quilt for a friend who needs our good thoughts. Missy's Homemaking Adventures asked for prayers and blocks if we were inclined. The plan was red and white rail fence blocks. I had plenty of red but the only whites I had were all patterned with color. To my eye, they read as colors and not neutral or white. 

I found 3 bolts that looked like they would work. Not a price on any of them! They need a stitcher to work the fabric section at this Wal Mart. With their buying power and a fabric person to pick and choose, they could rule the fabric world. OK maybe they would just rock it. Right now though, they are sad. Fabric is not properly sorted or priced. Another Wal Mart about 25 miles from me has a great fabric section. Neat as a pin, sorted, priced and super duper organized. 

Now to find someone to cut fabric for me .... Oklahoma has an ice and snow storm on its way so the residents are losing their minds. And clearing the shelves of every last loaf of bread. And jalapeno's too actually. I always need fresh produce  - no luck this day. I settled on habanero peppers. But back to the fabric .... I rang the bell. Picked up the phone to chat with the non existent operator. And wandered around wanting desperately to organize the bolts. 

I found myself in front of a little shelf section that had fat quarters, half yards, yards and goodness knows what else. I have glanced at these, checked prices and walked away. Today though I did find some fat quarters that were just $0.97. Not a great price but acceptable. I chose a plain white ( I wanted a tonal white on white ) and a lime patterned quarter to add to my Celtic Solstice quilt in progress. What can I say, I'm addicted to fabrics?

At home, I cut strips and sewed them up lickety split. I may have to make a rail fence quilt for myself. The blocks sure go together quickly. I sifted through my reds and got persnickety. The reds didn't all coordinate. Whiny I know. They actually seemed to clash. So I got lazy and cut extra strips from a lovely red apple fabric from my stash. Missy will hopefully forgive me. 

Have you ever worked on a prayer quilt? This is my first. I don't want to cram religious beliefs on anyone but prayer is a part of my life. So it is bound to spill over here. I prayed for Missy's friend since asked. Prayed while fabric shopping, cutting, sewing, you get the idea. We all need good thoughts and prayers. I am happy to help others when possible. 

My blocks are a shade wonky, though they have care and prayer in them. I am a novice quilter. And maybe too happy go lucky. When blocks turn up a little big or slightly smallish, I tend to shrug and move forward. So far, they work out fine. Eventually I will trip over a quilt that tries to force me to be perfect. That will be a rough day, LOL. I sew for fun, not perfection. 

Have fun - Go sew! 



  1. I know what you mean about sewing for fun! I have run into a quilt that is giving me fits because of my lack of perfection, it is sailboats and nothing is fitting together right! I love the apples! Thank you again!

  2. Lovely blocks. I just loved the apples. I hear you about rural. Walmart is about 10 miles, Which doesn't seem far until the weather and roads are terrible, I have walked by their fabric section but never really shopped it. There is a Joannes about 15 miles and I think the closest Quilt shop Is about 20.