Monday, December 16, 2013

Set aside or Keep Pushing? Do it all!

Argh!! Clue #3 is being released and I'm still stitching on Clue #2! Aaahhhhrrrrr!!!

What do I do?? Do I set aside Clue #2 and work on Clue #3 or finish Clue #2 first?

I am getting better at making the Clue #2 chevron pieces though. I did 10 the other day and most turned out good. Thursday I stitched 60 of the side pieces - sew a neutral square on one end of a rectangle, then sew a yellow square on the other end, trim, press, etc. They will morph into 30 chevrons but I will still have 204 more to do to complete Clue #2 total of 244 chevron units.

The stacks seem intimidating.

Do I set them aside and learn Clue #3 or keep after the chevrons?

I wasn't quite done with Clue #1 when #2 was released. I decided to push through and finish the tri recs before starting on the chevrons. I really have Christmas shopping to wrap up do on Friday .... I guess I will read Clue #3 and decide then how to proceed. I really dislike not completing one step before going on to another. It messes with my sense of order ;)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fast forward to Sunday ... What did I do? I compromised!

We need to make 488 Half Square Triangles to make 61 pinwheels and have 244 leftover single HST's. Bonnie is using orange and yellow which means I will sub pink for orange and keep the yellow.

I love the mix of pink and yellow - again another impressive stack.

I decided to cut the fabric for Clue #3 and mark the 5" squares to make 8 HST's at a time. I have several pinks but only 3 yellows. Keeping it scrappy won't be too tough.

Since I also need to keep working on chevrons, I decided to intersperse them all and use the chevron piecing as leaders and enders for the many lines needing sewn for the magic 8 HST squares.

Amen it is working!

I no longer feel like a chevron failure. And I am delighted to say I have all 488 HST's sewn. I need to slice the squares, press them open, trim maybe and create pinwheels. Still plenty to do but I also accomplished 30 more complete chevrons and a huge stack of sides.

I'm linking up to Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery Monday Link up and am eager to see all the amazing progress of everyone else :)


  1. I am the same way, I hate stopping one part to start another because I might not get back to it, but if there are a lot of pieces, sometimes I need abreak because the monotony drives me crazy!

    1. Doing both clues at once helped to break the chevron monotony. Thank goodness it's working out. I have never done a quilt with so many pieces!

  2. Sounds like a good compromise. I had only a few chevrons to finish when Bonnie released this clue, so I did finish them first. But it's good to work on each clue, so that you will have some blocks to put together when Bonnie reveals the layout.
    Your pinks and yellows look very happy together!

    1. I'm looking forward to putting our blocks together. Everyone has chosen such great colors :)