Saturday, November 30, 2013

Expanding the star

Our weather is cold and yucky. My husband is on his days off. I have had 4 to 9 kids here round the clock. I cooked all day yesterday, so of course, today I sewed. I'm not sure which one was harder on my body, LOL. Both gave me a back ache.

I pulled out my radiating star flimsy and worked at piecing the next section. Though piecing one section actually figures out the opposite section. Since I am using HST's, I have a pair of matching squares. I keep them together and make one section mirror the opposite section, on the other side of the center star. Less work figuring out the 4 sides of placement and how to keep the fabric from repeating. Design the placement once, get 2 sections created. It does make me acknowledge that I may be a little obsessive compulsive though. Oh well ....

I had to sit down and sew more HST's. I knew I had some ready but not enough. And since the pattern design was evolving, no point in stitching too many, then changing my mind. I almost went through a third charm pack of Lovely fabrics. Not a problem though as that is why I bought them.

The purple star is completed but I can't get a pic of the whole thing yet. I was using my bed as a design space and that was not easy. At one point I looked up from sewing and my German Shepherd was flopped in the midst of my placed squares. Not cool Isis.

I am delighted to say I am done placing squares. I still need to cut the big pieces for the corners of the quilt top. Then stitch the 3 sections of each row section. Yada yada yada. Then each big row together to make a top that should finish out about 120 inches. It's a big sucker :)

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