Monday, November 25, 2013

My final decision

I pulled out my Lovely flimsy and was staring at it while I ate lunch today. It's my idea of entertainment, LOL. Anyway, as I stared I noticed that while I got the various HST's in the right place, I did not rotate them the same way I drew the pattern. Duh!

I got in a hurry since dinner was about ready the other evening and goofed. I kept staring and pondering should I remove the offending squares, rotate them and reattach ..... or accept imperfection and move forward. Final decision - I laughed and decided the off kilter squares would stay. God made me imperfect and He loves me unconditionally. My quilt top can be imperfect and I will still love it. I am thankful for God's grace that is teaching me that imperfections are ok, just keep trying.

Bonus? The decision to enter this quilt in Missouri Quilt Co.'s Iron Quilter contest is final. I am not entering. It might have been exciting, though so far, it mainly made me a little anxious. I'm a great sewer of clothes, bags, random fun stuff - I am still a novice with quilts. Why add unnecessary pressure? This will be the biggest quilt top for me and the most HST's ever. That's enough of a challenge.

My original design was for many star shapes radiating outward. I love it but decided that I did not want to mix any other floral fabrics in with my Lovely fabrics. So I will stick with solids and the Lovely charm squares. I redrew my pattern and found this really simplified the whole project. I will have 3 floral stars and 3 solid fabric stars radiating outward. The 4 corner sections will be solid blue. I have already pieced the main center section. I will have minimal piecing in 4 other sections but the bulk of the piecing is done. Voila!

To balance my 9 sections, I added another row on the outer edges of my flimsy, 36 squares. That makes a total of 100 4" squares. It also lets me see more of the solid purple star forming. I can see my idea coming to life and it's really amazing to me. Is my novice enthusiasm too silly? Have a great day!

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