Saturday, November 30, 2013

Do you Mystery Quilt?

Do you do Mystery Quilts? I have never joined or followed along. I have done some of the block of the month quilt a longs. I have never finished one of the quilts though. Sighsss ... I do have some cute orphan blocks.

I am a novice quilter. When they hit a difficult block, I falter. Hexies? Cute but I have scar tissue in my neck which hinders my hand work, so I don't do much hand sewing either. Paper piecing? Some I will try, others I laugh and move past.

Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville Quips and Snips has an annual Mystery Quilt. I didn't find her website until this year so it is a new idea to me. It sure seems like fun. I want to be successful, yet a Mystery Quilt is a mystery. That means I don't know if it is easy or difficult. Beginning or expert quilters.

I am going to try :D

This year she is doing Celtic Solstice which appeals to me due to it's inspiration from Bonnies trip to Ireland. Her colors are orange, yellow, green and blue with a natural color background. Bright. Cheerful. Vivid. I like her colors. Then I started noticing the fabrics other quilters were posting as their chosen colors. Oh. My. Goodness.

Brave quilters trading one color for another. I think it is gorgeous! Not so much their specific choices but the reality that they are taking Bonnie's pattern, instructions and making the quilt personalized right up front. I had thought about making it with Bonnie's colors then if I liked it, make it again using different colors.

Now I want to make the quilt twice. I cannot explain why, LOL. I like Bonnie's scrappy look designs. They use many fabrics and have a lovely, busy texture. I think it would be fun to sttch the quilt in the designs colors, then also stitch another quilt using hot pink, lime, turquoise, bright yellow and black as a background. Modern. Pop! It would be for my youngest daughter.

Now to get enough fabric in the right colors. Buy the proper rulers. Work on my nerve and tenacity. Maybe you would like to join us?  

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