Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jumped in the deep end

I have jumped in the deep end of the quilting pool. I fell in love with the Lovely by Debbie Beaves with RJR Fabrics Charm pack on the Missouri Star Quilt Co website. They are having an Iron Quilter contest using at least one Lovely charm pack. I admit I am not at all sure I will actually enter the contest. I may not even have my project stitched up in time. I have started though.

Again ... without a pattern.

I want to do what I call a radiating star. Not a Lone Star - this is simple shapes - squares and HST's. I'm sure there is a pattern out there somewhere. I just don't have one. It's the story of my life. I'm lazy, too tight or maybe too stupid to buy patterns of many items. I make lots of stuff after drawing my own pattern - skirts, aprons, pillows, placemats, nightgowns, it's crazy. Basically I sat down and started sketching and figuring out how many squares and HST's of solid versus patterned fabric. Blue versus purple. Then to try the math of using 5 inch charm squares. How many stars? How much yardage to make what I want ....

Then I saw there is a very similar one on the Missouri Star site. Oops. I'm not trying to copy anybody. I just have a crazy thing for stars. I love trying star blocks. Eventually I will have enough orphan stars for a whole quilt. In the meantime I have been cutting, pinning and started sewing. We will see how it goes :)

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