Thursday, May 2, 2013

Introducing Ms. Janome

Tada! Here is my new machine! I'm so excited. It was a bit sad to pack up my Babylock Ellure. I simply don't have room for it on my small sewing cabinet. I keep two machines sitting on a cabinet built for one. A sewing machine and a serger. I have to shift them back and forth as I do projects. The secondhand cabinet is not cut to fit either machine in the space that lowers. I have no idea what you call that little platform that drops, LOL.

I had already watched the video, so I sat down to play with Janome and her functions. My daughter wandered in to see what I was doing. So the first thing I did was stitch her name. I used the alphabet stitches included on the machine. Then I switched out feet and stitched my name freehand. I stitched over some other practice stitches on a quilt sandwich. I am out of batting so I was using little sandwiches made from scraps.  

Have I mentioned I am still a beginner free motion quilter? I am! But this Janome machine is making me look good. All the crazy issues I had with my Babylock have been handled by the Janome which is designed with FMQ in mind. I am delighted. I am NOT smooth but in the short time I played, I saw improvement. 

I stitched waves, swirls, lopsided circles, LOL. 

I even tried funny little flowers. No missed stitches. No broken needles. Not even thread nests on the bottom. I could see where I paused but my foot was still on the gas, it made a little bump of thread. Not a problem though.  

All in all I had fun. I'm really excited to do more with this machine.  

Then I got serious and had to mend my sons blanket. A woman's work never ends :)  

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