Sunday, April 28, 2013

Welcome home Janome

Woo hoo! I finally bought a serious sewing machine. New! I've always had super cheap machines or used machines. I think they have taught be to be a better stitcher because I have always made do with what I had. My new challenge to learn free motion quilting will now be so much easier with a top quality machine. What did I buy? A super amazing Janome 8900!!

It is so far above my sewing levels that I feel like the poor kid with her nose against the window glass. I'm looking at the rich people with their fancy belongings. Now I have a fancy new toy. I think back to 1985 and sewing my wedding dress on a $100 machine from Sears. I worried the machine would shred the very expensive re-embroidered lace. That lace cost me $125 a yard!! More than the whole machine! I am proud to say that the machine behaved and my dress was beautiful.

I have been saving for a new machine for quite a while. I was expecting to buy used or a lesser Janome model. However when my hubby was making calls to find a Janome 7700 for me to test sew, he found the 8900 and asked the price ... $3000. WHAT?!? This machine retails at $3500. My hubby and I headed out pronto.

The store was over an hour away. There is no dealer close to my home. We met the nice lady on the phone and she showed us the Janome 8900 as well as a 7700 belonging to a friend of hers. Both machines sewed beautifully and had every bell and whistle I could possibly want. I verified the price was $3000 and she said yes, I can call *** to see if that's the best we can do. I said sure.

She walked off to make the call and came back saying she had told us wrong, the machine was $3900.
Argh. I was honest and told her I simply could not pay that price. I drove to the city because she quoted us 3k. I was willing to pay that but not more.
Then the faceless person on the phone told her he could take $3500.
That was retail but I was still unhappy since we were quoted less. I told her thank you but there were other machines out there. We drove the extra distance due to their price quote.
She called the boss back and explained the situation, out of my hearing, LOL. Then she came back bouncing and announced we had a deal at $3k! Yeah!!!

Moral of my too long story ... call around. Know the prices(though I have read 2 retail prices since then of 4k for an 8900). Hold people to their word. Be prepared to walk away. This wasn't my first trip machine shopping. I'm a firm believe that if it is meant to be, it will happen.

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