Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Renewal

How did life get so crazy busy so fast? One day I was sewing, now I'm deep into spring cleaning - planting - renewal. Tons of trees have been planted. I sold a horse. Changed the name of this blog. Spent afternoons mowing grass and pulling the drag harrow through horse fields (it breaks up the manure clods for faster absorption into the soil). Revamped a bed for strawberries. Painting multiple bedrooms. OK my husband has been the head painter but I praised him a lot. Have you been busy too?

I did stitch up a couple of star quilt blocks but my camera was dead at the time. No pictures as I went through the process :(  But I plan on making more so I will share with you then. I enjoyed the process using fabric from my scraps and reassembling them into something new and beautiful.

Like meatloaf. You take a decent cut of meat, grind it, mix it with egg, bread crumbs and seasonings ... next thing you know you have a delicious dinner. A thing of beauty. Of beautiful yummyness!

I was mixing up a meatloaf and saw a correlation between meatloaf and quilting from my scrap stash. We make something better by taking it apart and putting it together beautifully. Plus it combines my two favorite things, sewing and food. I may be finding my groove here. We'll see.

Have a great day!!

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