Monday, May 6, 2013

Trees and Flowers for flies

Spring means renewal around here. AKA work to replace what has died or been destroyed by Oklahoma weather. Our tree seedlings are growing well and waking up. The lavender bushes are very leafy. Even the Ash tree babies are finally budding. 

Flies get to be a nuisance in the heat of the summer. We have a lot of animals, so flies are unavoidable. Fly predators help but it's not enough. This year I am trying Marigold flowers to repel flies by our main entrance. 

I bought inexpensive hanging baskets with coco mats. To prevent them drying out too quickly, I put an old plastic bag in each to try to hold in moisture. I did poke holes to let some water out, so the flower roots wouldn't be standing in water. 

Add dirt. Place Marigold bought from Wally World. Trim off the excess bag. Hang. Voila! Fly repellent that looks good. Let's hope this works :)   

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