Monday, May 13, 2013

Bravely sewing where seams come apart

I need to be very honest with you.

I'm cheating. 
And I really enjoyed it! :) 

I did my son's mending and was casting about for the next project. An inexpensive quilt folded at the top of the closet caught my eye. It was store bought for very few dollars to cover a hotel bed on a road trip with dogs. After more use and a few washes, the seams of the quilt blocks were coming unstitched. Some pieces had pulled threads which left impossible holes. I couldn't make it much worse, so I pulled it down to sew it as best I could. 

Then ... I got out of hand .... 

My hand loses sensation and dexterity quickly due to scar tissue, so this was going to be all machine sewing. I used a decorative stitch to go around one piece of a block. The quilt is made of simple rail fence type blocks. The strips aren't all the same width so it may be a different pattern. I'm still learning patterns. 

I lost my mind .... 

and zigzagged around ALL the blocks. Then all the pieces of each block. I had no idea how many seams were coming open! But they are stitched down now. 

Next, I am thinking that rather than making quilt sandwiches to practice my free motion quilting, why not do some practice on this poor quilt? I can't hurt it, LOL. We'll see what happens ... 

This project taught me to be brave.
To have fun. 
And that my lovely Janome sewing machine can hold a king sized quilt all stuffed up in it's throat space.    


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  1. I think this is a perfect way to practice using your new machine! I couldn't reply to your comment on my blog as you are a no-reply. You asked about rolling the quilt differently but I honestly don't know if I can do that.