Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Decorative stitching brightens the day

Life is messy, clean it up. Clothes get holes, sew them up. I have been doing more mending. This time I sewed a scrub top of my daughters. I made her several scrub tops a few years ago. They have ties at the waist and are more fitted to be feminine. As a nurse, I loved the jammy feel of scrubs but disliked the boxy shape. I worked labor and delivery, so we wore hospital scrubs - no opportunity to personalize. My oldest daughter works at an optometrist office and can have fun with her work clothes.

The waist tie had opened the side seam. I sewed that seam easily, then pondered how the once gorgeous fabric was starting to look faded. It needed a little pick me up. And I admit I am eager to use every decorative stitch on my machine. I'm goofy that way :)

I noticed part of her bottom hem was coming loose .... yeah you know I did it. I picked a flower stitch and went around the bottom of her shirt. I used a vibrant purple color - her favorite.

The trim on this shirt was pink but the background was a pale purple color. I picked this stitch because if you let your eyes blur a bit, gaze from a distance, it kind of looks like a butterfly which is the pattern of the fabric. It pleased me to see how this simple line of decorative stitching brightened up the whole shirt. It's a reminder for me to not overlook the details or the decorative stitches just sitting on my machine waiting to beautify fabric.

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