Monday, January 28, 2013

Flowered formal finish

Tada! This is the fabric for my youngest daughter's new formal. We found the silky fabric cheap at WalMart and thought what the heck. I love the high quality satins but it's fun to walk on the wild side. Not to mention there isn't an actual fabric store within 40 miles of home.

The pattern is by Simplicity. It's pleated down one side with one angled shoulder and one strap. I have made a couple dozen formals but none like this. It definitely challenged my patience. I can't really complain though, since I did manage to finish it in one day, LOL.

Silly me didn't get a pic of her IN the dress! I will try to snap one when she tries it on next. It fits great and hangs really nicely. She did ask me to add a kick pleat to the back, so she can make an actual stride and not just walk in tiny little steps. Back to the sewing machine!

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