Monday, January 28, 2013

Drawing the Goddess

I am attempting to participate in Leah's Day 'Express Your Love' Goddess quilt. It's a beautiful whole cloth art quilt. This is so new to me! I have done some machine quilting but simple stuff. Usually place mats or other projects. It is time to stretch my abilities. This is what I WANT to do - Learn new ways to create beautiful, useful projects.

I printed the pattern - 15 pages! Now how to transfer it to my fabric? I chose muslin as I want to embellish with color. I actually would love to do a couple of these quilts using different techniques with each. I could see the lines thru the fabric but it was tough. I traced over the lines with a black marker to make them darker and thicker. Amen! I could finally see them through the muslin.

I used colored fabric marking pencils to trace the pattern with a minor alteration on the Earth. My oldest daughter found a drawing with accurate continents and sized it pretty darn close to the Earth already on the Goddess pattern. She even leaned over the table and traced it for me on the muslin. I love this kid :)

This will be a great project that should occupy months of happily sewing along.

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