Sunday, January 27, 2013

Customizing a pattern

This is what I did with my sewing time today. Years ago, I got tired of cutting a pattern on whatever size line I needed, only to lose all the other sizes. There is no going back after you cut a tissue pattern. So I found a way to preserve my patterns and get a better custom fit to our garments. 

I had read about someone drawing patterns using the end of newspaper rolls that they got free from their local newspaper. The closest town to me with a newspaper sends their printing elsewhere. So I put my mind to finding an alternative. It took me a bit but I finally hit on exam table paper.

Yes, the kind they use at doctors offices!

I researched and bought a case from Staples for about $30. Now I have enough thin-ish white paper to last me a lifetime. Possibly several lifetimes. I'm still on my first roll. I probably use 4-6 ft per pattern. It is thicker than tissue, while still being thin enough to see through without a light table.

A huge benefit is being able to easily customize any pattern. If I need a mix of two sizes, I can simply trace the happy medium. Any changes or alterations can be drawn right on the exam paper. I am careful to label each piece with the pattern number, size and all other info. It's a system that works great for me. It keeps me happily sewing along.  


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