Monday, January 21, 2013

Here I am


Here I am. I have been sitting on this stitching blog idea for quite awhile. Quite honestly I was not sure I would find time to blog about my stitching adventures. I get busy sewing and forget to pause to take pictures. It's time you held me accountable. Be gentle with me ;)

I started sewing about age 12. My mother sewed some. My sister sewed here and there. My grandmother sewed a lot! She sewed clothes, curtains, quilts, whatever needed stitched, she bent her head to her work with a willing heart. There was nothing Grandma couldn't do. 

I was so very blessed to have her help when I sewed my wedding dress. Yes, I am that kind of crazy. I remember pausing with the scissors in my hand, pondering could I really cut such expensive lace? I cut it, sewed, then handed the bodice off to my grandmother and her sister to hand sew seed pearls and sequins. It was gorgeous!    

Sadly, my grandmother passed more than a dozen years ago, before I had time to learn to quilt. I have sewn a million outfits for my 4 children. I have made car seat covers, stroller covers, baby blankets, curtains, pillow cases and placemats. Now I want to sew 'big' quilts. Quilts to put on my king size bed. It's time for me to sew a legacy. 

Time for a quilting education! 
Join me on my journey as I sew happily along thru life. 

  This is a pic of a double rainbow after a lovely rainstorm in March 2012. It's the view from the south side of my house, looking north east over the dog yard and past the big red barn. I have a huge love for rainbows and the 7 colors of the rainbow. You will see it in my sewing. 

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