Friday, July 8, 2016

Testing Peek A Boo Pachyderm by Quilt Doodles Doodles

This is our newest barn cat, rather than the quilt.

Happy day!!

I'm testing a new pattern for Cindy over at Quilt Doodle Doodles. She does adorable designs. Fun piecing paired with sweet applique. I subscribe to her block of the month making a holiday quilt and was delighted to test a couple of her previous patterns. She is all about the joy of creating.

Peek A Boo Pachyderm is intentionally scrappy using 4 different fabrics from 3 color groups plus a neutral. I shopped my stash - part of my personal challenge. I found several candidates and took pictures. Looking at my fabrics thru photos shows me a different perspective. This time I did change my fabric choices and I'm so glad I did. My original choice of tan for neutral was blah. Substitute a sunshine yellow and my choices were singling loud! I'm that kind of quilter, LOL.

Cindy used light, medium and dark in her fabric choices so I echoed this. It looks incredible when you step back. Plus it gives you liberty to choose your favorite fabrics. No quilt police here.

As I stitched half square triangle units and strip sets, I started loving the play of fabric patterns, colors and how they all were uniting. I don't always see the potential when I start with a group of fabrics. This group had me feeling cautious. I worried they were too different. I was wrong. They look great.

Stitch. Press. Pin baste. Quilt.

Check this beauty out!

I'm loving it!
I did simple echo quilting and I love it!

Thank you Cindy for allowing me to test Peek A Boo Pachyderm!

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