Monday, July 25, 2016

Oklahoma Row by Row - Day Three

Steelman's - Chickasha, OK

This day was not a full day. We needed cattle and horse feed, so we may as well do the grocery shopping and if there was time, stop in at our local quilt stores about 10 miles from the house. Nothing like a full afternoon together with my sweetheart.

In Chickasha, OK there are 2 lovely quilt shops, almost across the street from one another. Both are great shops with friendly people. I stopped in at Steelman's first. I took a needle turn applique class with Darcy Ashton here a million years ago when I could still hand sew for more than 15 minutes, LOL. Now my hand goes numb, so I gave up all but the necessary hand stitching. I do miss my cross stitching.

Steelman's block is classic home - apple pie. The pie is sitting in front of an open window cooling. You know the children smelled it and ran into the house begging for a slice. I love the vertical aspect which is perfect for their window setting.

Bush Family Affair - Quilts by Gail is upstairs in a series of rooms. I could spend the day in Gail's shop watching the long arm machines doing their quilty dance. She has 3 and they only stop at closing time. It amazes me that a small town could keep 3 machines in one shop busy all the time. They could run 24/7 and it would still take weeks to get a few days turnaround. Right now quilts brought in won't be done until close to Christmas. I took her one back in March? Or was it April? Anyway it is just now hitting the frame. I expected it 3 weeks ago. Gail and her ladies work really hard and do great work. I'm excited.

Bush Family Affair-Quilts by Gail - Chickasha, OK 

The Bush Family affair block is from a beloved nursery rhyme - there was an old woman who lived in a shoe ... No old woman pictured but we have 3 shoes set up for housekeeping. Isn't it adorable?!


  1. Looks like there are some great rows for Oklahoma. There is one in Sand Springs, at Quilt Nuts that I love. Charise Creates, another blog made the pattern for the apron that is in the row. Do you happen to know of any one here there. That is one row I would love. So many rows, sew little time!! There are some wonderful rows.

    1. I don't know anyone in Sand Springs. I did find oodles of Row by Row patterns on for free. I think its a great idea because we can't make it to every state. Maybe you can find it there.