Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Oklahoma Row by Row Experience - Day Two

We had to sit out the weekend of July 4th due to all the family and fun. And my husband was called in to work a 10 hour overtime shift. They are short handed and he is a good worker. Tuesday we headed to Oklahoma City to try to loop some quilt shops and gather more Row by Row patterns. I was quite surprised to find the 3 participating stores were literally within 5 miles of one another. How is that possible? And all on the north side of town where I never go due to the traffic. Ugh!! I stay southside. And these were truly gorgeous shops.

Oklahoma Quiltworks - OKC

Our first stop was at Oklahoma Quiltworks in OKC. This was another shop where I walked in and was immediately lost in color, texture and patterns. Blissful! I spent almost an hour just ogling their quilt samples. If I could choose, I would have this store across from my driveway. It seemed to have everything.

Quiltworks created a delightful, scrappy block with a home, tree, windmills and a clothesline with a quilt. My house resembles this block so much. The wind turbines are up the highway but I can see them from my clothesline in the yard. And they made the quilt 3D so you can flip it with your finger.

The Savage Quilter - OKC
Our next stop was at The Savage Quilter. They have a high ceiling, bright, open shop. It is huge! Lots of amazing cottons. So many pretty quilt samples. I could burn hours and a truck load of money in this lovely store.

Their block reminds me of my youngest son's lady - a baker. A stand mixer, ingredients, a cake on a stand, cupcakes and our happy baker. Definitely sweet and totally calorie free! I may have to change the bakers hair color to make it dark :)

Sew and Sews - OKC

The last Oklahoma City store was Sew and Sews. The sign on the door warned of a Princess inside. I went in looking for a dog or shop cat. Instead I heard a bird call out! I tried to find it but kept getting distracted by the beautiful quilt samples. Eventually I found her in a cage but I coveted several quilts first.

This block is one of my favorites for its true depiction of Oklahoma and our red dirt roads. It looks complicated but worth the effort. I bought the kit so I could have the dog and geese available.

This is another block that makes me feel homey. A house in the country. A pumpjack down the road. Hunters seeking geese. The dog running wild. Did they spy on me to create this special block?

We had some free time before dinner so we headed west to Yukon, OK and Threads of Tradition. This shop was cozy and small and still colorful with lots of quilts hanging. I was surprised that I did not see quilts repeated from one shop to another. Most had their 2016 Shop Hop (June 2016) quilt displayed - all different and all beautiful.

Threads of Tradition - Yukon, OK

The Threads of Tradition block is set on Route 66 map fabric which has been discontinued. They had enough to make several kits but mentioned they may run out. I'm lucky I snatched one before it was gone. Pinwheels and a sweet home. Their kit even included the papers to paper piece the pinwheels. I admit I have never paper pieced so this will add another new technique to my repertoire.

I have enough block patterns to create a quilt for the competition - first to bring a completed quilt, bound and labeled into a store wins 25 fat quarters! One winner per store. Several shops have already had winners since the Row by Row started on June 21st. I may ask around when I finish but my goal for this year being my first time, is simply to finish. Learn new techniques and create a fun, unique quilt. And I want more patterns :)

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