Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cooks need Potholders!

A lovely young friend is starting a side career selling Pampered Chef products and approached me to host a party. I love to cook, so of course I said Yes! The items they sell are priced a bit high for me but I want to help my friend. I invited everyone. I mean everyone! I went thru my Facebook list and clicked like a maniac. I told them if they will bring a friend, I will have a gift for them. Then I got busy sorting and sewing. What do all chefs need? Potholders!!

I sorted thru scraps, leftover units from quilts, remnants of batting, I even had scraps of the foil like, insulating batting. Win-win! I could have whipped out a dozen pairs if I had used yardage but that would have been too easy. And boring.

I used cottons from stitching my daughter scrub tops.

Scraps from Celtic Solstice.

Scraps from both, LOL.

Toss in pieces from Wildflower Park.

Skirt cotton and a little Celtic Solstice.

Skirt and leftover backing

It has been a great time to reminisce about past projects. I have 7 sets for guests to choose from and pieces cut to make more, though the party is tomorrow. Maybe I will get to keep some for myself. :)

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