Thursday, February 21, 2013

Priorities altered

In the midst of my sewing quest for my son, came yet another project that required my attention. Our barn. It  needed wood to protect the metal walls and stalls. The structure is almost new but it needed an interior. 

I drew up the plans months ago but we finally had an opportunity to actually do the work, so my sewing had to be laid down. And I picked up hundreds of 2x4's, screws, bolts, a drill .... you get the idea. I may be a girly girl wearing skirts and sewing but I'm still a country girl with outside chores. 

Horses are goofy animals and will happily kick a foot thru a metal barn wall. Not only will it tear up your barn, it may injure the horse badly. Our goal for this phase was to protect the walls and the horses from chaos. This is good work to do inside the barn when it is chilly.

It started out with my husband, me and our oldest daughter working. You can see from our work set up that girls were in the mix by the purple giraffe patterned hairbrush, LOL. We did a good days work but will have to work more tomorrow. 

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