Monday, January 9, 2017

En Provence Mystery Quilt Clue 7 and Finale

Units ready and waiting for their big part in a block

January 1st Bonnie revealed her final clue and the big reveal. More hourglass units! Have you seen her quilt? Go look! * En Provence Mystery Quilt * The clues will be live and free until summer 2017 when Bonnie removes them because the quilt pattern will be published in one of her books. Go save, print or memorize them now! You will regret it if you pass up this opportunity.

I tuned into Netflix while I trimmed

I hustled and finished all of Clue 6. Then hustled some more to stitch up Clue 7. I worried about stitching those little bias sides of the Quarter Square Triangle - Hourglass units. I'm a reckless stitcher. I literally ran my hand over my strips before I cut them - stroking them smooth - they clung together and stitched up beautifully! I learn something new and improve my skills every time I do a Bonnie pattern. It makes me feel proud, like getting a gold star in school as a child.

Now to make blocks.

I have not stitched even one block together yet. I have watched all of you lovely quilters boldly create blocks, rows, columns, whole tops and even finished - on the bed amazing! And I'm hanging back trying to decide how MY colors play together to create my best version of Bonnie's design. She will get the credit on the quilt label even if I do alter something; I'm honest and want it recorded properly. No worries there. But how do my fabric choices look best?

  Contestant #1
The quilt block as Bonnie designed it. You can see my yellow is quite bold. The lavender in the hourglass units almost disappears.

Contestant #2
Putting yellow in the center of the green star. It provides more of a surround for the lavender hourglasses. But that much bold yellow really competes with the purples.

Contestant #3
This changes out the yellow corner blocks in the center/main block for purple/neutral half square triangle units. I like how it looks but it would necessitate making more HST's. I do like the yellow centers to the stars. It gives them a touch of a flower look.

Contestant #4
Takes all the big bold yellow out of the block. Leaves the possible additions of the purple/neutral HST's. This is a very peaceful look to me. Nothing jarring to the eye.

And I may still audition another tweak. This is play time baby :)

What are you stitching?


  1. There is a lot of work put into auditioning the various colors and placement. I am still construction the last of the hourglass units for clue 7. I will probably just use Bonnie's ideas and design. This is my first mystery quilt of Bonnie's, though I am a long time fan of her scrappy goodness.

  2. The instructions will likely be removed from the blog at the end of January, so get them while you can. :)

  3. Some interesting alternatives there. Have fun deciding.