Monday, January 2, 2017

En Provence Mystery Quilt Clue 6

Can you believe Bonnie revealed everything in one fell swoop for her En Provence Mystery Quilt? Acckkk! I was so happy that I was caught UP TO Clue 6 which is hourglass units. I don't expect to get the whole clue done by the link up which comes a few days after the clue but I like to have some accomplished. I did stitch a few hourglass units on Sunday Jan 1st in an effort to have something done for Monday Link Up, then I got online that evening to find Bonnie had shared the whole tamale earlier that day! Totally forgot that she likes to gift us the big reveal on New Years Day. I'm happy but now I feel like I am behind which is really silly - she only gave us the final clues hours ago. Hours!

Clues 1-5 and a few of 6
This is a lesson to us all - do NOT be your own worst critic. I see many quilters being very harsh about their work. I do it too, just like the 'I'm behind' whine. We need to relax and remember we sew because we love it. I LOVE creating beautiful and useful items. So yeah, be nice to yourself :)

Have you seen Bonnie's new tool? The Essential Triangle Tool. She wrote this pattern to include her ruler and I bet its amazing. At the beginning of the Mystery the rulers were back ordered (manufacturer issue, NOT Bonnie's fault at all) so I figuredI would have to do without it. Blissful ignorance. Fast forward to Clue 6 and hourglass units with green, neutral and lavender. Oh no.

Back at Clue 3, the lavender and purple 4 patches, I lost my mind. Totally. Gone. I cut my strips. But instead of doing the math and cutting half lavender and half purple - I cut enough lavender for ALL the strips. This meant I cut all but a tiny bit of ALL of my lavender stash. My remaining lavender was now in 2 inch strips. Thankfully Clue 6 could use 2 inch strips IF you had one of Bonnie's Essential Triangle Tools. I had a pity party. I figured I was doomed to wait until I could get the tool shipped. Then I studied the hourglass unit and several tutorials on making hourglass units. I looked at Bonnie's Triangle. Hhhhmmm .... its a 90o angle corner .... Tada!

I fashioned my solution. It's imperfect but it will work for now. I stitched an hourglass unit up - amazing! It measured out a tiny bit bigger than 3 1/2 inches. Amen! Did you hear the angels singing?

Quilters are nothing if not creative and inventive. So here's to making do with what I have right now. I'm working on my hourglass units for Clue 6 and will push forward to accomplish 7 then make a real, actual, amazing block. I'm excited!

Have a great week! Stitch something!

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