Wednesday, February 8, 2017

En Provence progress

I'm pushing forward with my En Provence quilt by Bonnie Hunter. I wish I had hours and hours to wrap it up. One day if I ever have control of my own life .... I love my life and its a fun roller coaster.

I literally spent days trying to decide what to put in the center of the block.
Is my yellow too bright?
Bigger quilt size desired but do I stitch more units to add another row and column of blocks or add a border? What kind of border?
Have I ever mentioned my brain will not shut up? This is why I don't get enough sleep.

I finally decided to put a solid dark purple fabric in the center of my blocks. It was my only purple in the beginning and I had to shop for another. Then I loved the new swirly purple so much I used ONLY that. Silly right? This original purple is sweet and ties in with the theme of lavender fields. See the lavender flowers and butterflies? Check out the lavender fabrics from my stash - purple flowers and butterflies! God knew these fabrics had to go into the same quilt and once I got quiet, there they were :)

Decisions made, I stitched blocks. Added sashing.

Then today I spent the day with a grass fire on the neighboring property. I could see the flames from my yard. I was scared enough to get a hose and start soaking the barnyard. Once the fire crews started to arrive they set up massive water trucks in our farm yard to refill the brush pumper trucks. Over a mile of land burned. We're all safe. Success! My horses will have to stay in the corrals until we can get out this weekend to rebuild the fence the firemen cut to get to the flames. Its a small price to pay for safety. I lost count of the many agencies that responded. County - volunteer firemen are amazing!

Cross your fingers I can get to the borders soon ...

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