Monday, December 19, 2016

En Provence Mystery Quilt Clue 4

Clue 4 of Bonnie Hunter's 2016 Mystery Quilt is here and all over the globe quilters are feverishly stitching purple and neutral tri rec units.

Unless you're me.

I am sad. Christmas has some past harsh events so I tend toward caution each season. This year though, this past week, I lost a friend. My family lost a friend. He was only 62. Only 62!! Life is harsh for many and he embraced adventure and lived a full, amazing life in spite of genetics that would drag him down.

So this week I have cried and mourned. I did stitch a few tri recs but the bulk will be done as I can thru the holiday hustle.

If you are a diabetic - TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!
If you know someone struggling or living with diabetes - appreciate them, love them, help them.
Life is short and very sweet.

Have a great week!
Have a very Merry Christmas!


  1. My heart and feelings are with you. My SIL has just been put into full time care with Alzheimer's. She no longer recognises my brother.
    He lost his son and our mum the same week, 6 days apart last year and now is wife is fading. He is struggling so we are not in the Xmas mood. Sewing helps immensely.
    Take care and treasure what you do have now...

  2. Jo, I feel so sorry for your brother. That is incredible, unimaginable pain. You and your family are in my prayers. Please share hugs with him from me.