Tuesday, December 6, 2016

En Provence Clue 2 in progress

 I have clue 1 of En Provence almost done. I actually have not counted, LOL. I added some neutrals to my selection. It stretches my comfort level. I like scrappy but I want my colors to be very, very close to one another. Having tan, cream and patterned fabrics all in one group makes me edgy. But that is why I want to do Bonnie's fabulous Mystery Quilt along. She pushes me to do more, learn more and stretch my mind.

And as I stitched the strips together I started liking the play of the fabrics and shades. And I just love the tiny, little, spun 4 patch of seams on the back of the block.

Clue 2 was released this past Friday and Sunday I slipped away to have some Mystery time. Thankfully I was introduced to Tri Rec units during Celtic Solstice. I felt confident that I can accomplish this task.

The trick for me is to be very sure I match the little cut corner on one edge and the long straight edge on the other. They stitch up properly each time. Whew! I'm so happy I persevered on Celtic Solstice as it taught me so many techniques in a short time frame. Thank you Bonnie!

I only had time to finish 16 tri recs before kids and grandbabies arrived. I cook Sunday supper for all my family each week. This week was lasagna and garlic bread. Family time keeps us close and happy :)

Have a great week everyone!!


  1. Lasagna sounds so good! Great work on the quilt.

  2. We aren't Italian but we love our Italian food!