Sunday, September 13, 2015

In between sewing sessions

What do you do in between sewing sessions? I admit I get crazy busy with .... life. My family. My rescue animals. Just life.

I stitched up another alphabet book and several burp cloths on Friday. My oldest daughter is expecting a baby in November and Saturday was the shower. The hostesses requested books signed by the giver, as they know how my daughter loves to read. She majored in English in college. Thankfully I already had the alphabet panel and previous experience, so this was a quick stitch.

Burp cloths are little quilted objects :) 
The burp cloths are another quick project for me. I have made so many now that they seem easy. Which means I will make a big mistake soon being so casual, LOL. Murphy's Law finds us all. I really loved the Betty Boop flannel paired with the dark gray with polka dots. They look stylish due to the 'grown up' colors.

I attended the baby shower, then joined my husband and youngest son as they hauled hay for the rescue horses winter roughage. It is always a long day but today was super long. They had to go 20 miles per  trip rather than the previous 5 miles. Plus they had to do the tractor work at both ends. Add a flat tractor tire and a nail in one of the trailer tires ... Yup, 13 hours of long day.

Thankfully I had chili in the crock pot for supper. And our University of Oklahoma Sooners pulled off the win in a double overtime against Tennessee. Go Sooners!!

The sun set before the work was done.

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