Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Surgery break

Summer is wrapping up soon. I'm eager for cooler weather, even though Oklahoma runs warm year round. It's great for outside activities but a drag if you want to snuggle under quilts. Maybe I can turn the AC way down :)

A little blue satin to add straps and cover some cleavage makes a modest difference.

I had knee surgery in August which halted all my sewing. Even my formal dress makeovers which had become almost a full time job. I love seeing the girls in their 'new' modest dresses. However I am exhausted from replacing so many zippers. Why do manufacturers put flimsy zippers in dresses that will be stuffed by excited females? Nobody wants a saggy formal so they seek the smallest size possible. Sighsss ....

We are expecting a new grandbaby this November so I'm planning more burp cloths, nursing covers, maybe a baby quilt. My knee is almost normal. The state fair is a couple of weeks away. Football season is here! I'm excited. Do you have big fall plans?

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