Saturday, October 3, 2015

Early Arrival

She was mad about being born early

The newest grandbaby that was due in November? She is here!
 I would love to say she is here and home but babies that come so early need extra special attention.

My daughters pregnancy seemed straight forward other than a little nausea. Then her blood pressure was creeping up, she started swelling, then wham! It was out of control. She was diagnosed with Pre eclampsia and admitted last Monday for an emergency C-section at 34 weeks gestation.

Baby Catarina is beautiful and healthy. However her early arrival means she has to learn to eat enough to grow properly. Thank goodness for caring NICU nurses.

I was not done sewing of course. Today I finally found an hour to sit down and stitch up some nursing pads for my daughter. It seems impossible to nurse a child without some leakage, so pads are helpful tucked into a bra.

I make nursing pads from scrap batting, flannel and cotton fabric. No pattern is needed. Find a cup or small plate about 3-4 inches across and use it to trace a circle on your fabric. I stack the layers with the cotton right side down, batting, then the flannel right side up and serge around the edges. That's it. Done.

I will use to the very edge of fabric if the selvedge is soft

Machine washable, reusable nursing pads. My youngest daughter has been using hers for 7 months and they are still in great shape. For zero money! My favorite price :)

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