Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Grand Illusion Colors

2013 Celtic Solstice though it might be renamed by my daughter

Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville has released the first clue for her 2014 mystery quilt Grand Illusion. I'm excited and hesitant, LOL. I participated for the first time last year making Bonnie's Celtic Solstice. I kept up with the steps but then assembling the blocks got stalled out waiting on my cohort to work her scrappy magical arranging. I just finished the main flimsy. A year later! I'm delighted and proud that the bulk of the work is accomplished. And embarrassed that it took soooo long.

From the bright blue wall and the blues-y sun, you can tell blue is my favorite color

I also hesitated on the colors. Bonnie chose colors almost identical to what I used last year. I love them but I have other color waves in my head. Which meant I stopped sleeping because I'm loony, LOL. So finally on Thanksgiving eve I decided to follow my heart and the colors in my head.

I chose .....

Kona Mulberry for Bonnie's pink

Kona Lagoon for Bonnie's yellow

Kona Ocean for Bonnie's blue (aqua to be more precise)

Kona Clover for Bonnie's green

Kona Bahama Blue for Bonnie's neutrals

Kona Marine for Bonnie's black 

Obviously I am NOT going to have high contrast between colors. However, I hope to have a lovely rippling motion of blue - green - purple lusciousness. I tried to make substitutions based on the intensity of her colors light to dark. I'm definitely going to have to label them to avoid confusing myself. 

And now I wait for my fabrics to arrive. I ordered the Kona cottons, a couple of flannels and the backing to Celtic Solstice from Fabric dot com I can hear the clock ticking as I wait and fidget. Sighsss .... 

tick ....
tock .....
tick .....
tock ..... 

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  1. Heidi, don't feel bad that your Celtic Solstice is 'only' a flimsy. At least your top is done! I'm still plugging away at mine, but at least I'm down to only a couple dozen chevrons before I can finish. I also love your selection of colors for this year's Grand Illusion mystery. I can't wait to see how your quilt turns out!

  2. Wow, your Celtic Solstice looks fantastic! Love your colours for the new one, too.

  3. I love the colors you picked out, it's going to be very pretty!

  4. LOVE your colours, can't wait to see your progress!