Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Finishing what I start .... soon I hope.

I must finish what I start. The Little Engine That Could .... I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. The reality is that I know I can finish the quilts I have started. It's a time issue. I am busy and I do not always manage my time well. I do NOT want to start having a backlog of UFO's. They weigh on my mind and I really don't have the storage space.

My little corner to sew in my bedroom. I am so blessed. 
I could whine about sewing in the corner of my bedroom which means I am limited on the hours I can sew - my hubby goes to bed pretty early for his 430am wake up alarm. But that's not really fair. At least I do have a small dedicated space. For years, I sewed on my dining room table for an hour or two each day. I had to put everything away to serve a meal to my husband and 4 children. It was imperfect but I made it work. I will keep my little corner working too. 

Sunflower Fields getting its border attached.
Christmas is coming and I really want to cut fabric for Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion mystery quilt. However I am staying on task to finish 2 quilts for my daughters. One is a gift for my daughter for Christmas or I want it to be a gift. I finished the top Friday. I need to piece the back, sandwich it then do some simple quilting. Its a chevron based quilt so I am going to quilt lines going with the chevrons. It's a king size, so it won't be quick but it won't be hard either.

Border and more border for Celtic Solstice.
The second quilt is last years mystery Celtic Solstice. The backing fabric finally arrived so as soon as I get my safety pins freed up, I will sandwich and quilt it. Again, simple lines as the design is the main attraction. Again a king sized quilt. I apparently lost my mind when I decided to make everything so big this year. 

Inner border strips for Celtic Solstice.
Do you struggle with time?
Do you finish one project before starting another?   
Officially, I do have a 3rd quilt top waiting to be finished but it is for my bed. No rush. 

I'm not deep into stitching Grand Illusion but it is on my mind daily, so I am linking up to Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Monday Link Up. I will be playing catch up soon I hope. 

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