Saturday, May 14, 2016

Choosing fabrics

I chose the fabrics for the wolf quilt based on what I thought my son and his lady would like. His favorite color is green, then blue. She loves wolves .... You can see where I found the wolf fabric so perfect - greens, blues, wolves - tada!

I pulled from my stash first and used the dots in the fabric selvedge to get as close to the greens and blues as possible. I wanted more variety so I started looking at fabrics everywhere I went, LOL. Walmar, Hancocks, thrift stores - everywhere!

I have a great stash. However I favor bright colors. This quilt called for muted colors - not really my thing. I stretched my comfort level to seek out darker colors. I originally wanted to include grays but it didn't stand out enough from the neutrals, so I eliminated them. I assume everyone auditions fabrics endlessly waiting for a bright light to flash and applause so you know you got it right. Right?!

Thankfully as I created units and blocks, I really started loving the forest-y colors. I love how the block can create endless designs with a simple turn. I love the design. It is turning out just as I hoped.

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