Saturday, June 13, 2015

Waste Not, Want Not

I am super tight and frugal in my fabric shopping. It's going to get worse now that I made it a special category in my household bookkeeping. The reality of my addiction stares me in the face in multiple digits. Oh the stress and shame of my spending ....

Tipped rectangles and leftovers

When I am stitching any project, I try to think ahead of ways I can save fabric. I want to use every bit of fabric on one project or another. While stitching Celtic Solstice I found I had tons of 'leftovers'. The trick is to make the scraps usable for another project.

Pinwheels anyone?

 Most recently while pattern testing, I was tipping rectangles (This probably has a name but I'm a dork and don't know what it is called.) I realized I would have extra triangles when I trimmed my units. No problem. I stitched on the 'other' side of my line - usually stitch a half inch from your perfect stitching line. Trim in between for a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Use the leftover scraps for a different project. Tada!

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