Saturday, June 6, 2015

One Woman Chain Gang

Do you chain piece your quilts? Or units? I do! I do! I pin. Several units at a time.

Stitch one right after the other. I make a chain of stitched pieces.

I was chain piecing before I even knew what that meant. I would read the garment patterns and see what could I pin all at once, then sew one after another before being forced to stop and pin again. It seemed the most efficient way to sew. My grandmother and mother always seemed to sew patterns one step at a time. I thought I was unique (Or psycho, LOL).

I pin. Stitch. Pin more. Stitch more. 
A few years back I started exploring quilting and saw the phrase chain piecing and the lightbulb flashed wildly over my head. I had found my people :)

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