Friday, November 14, 2014

Expanding Sunflower Fields

You recall the Sunflower Field quilt top I tested recently, well its time to expand it to fit a big bed. Plus I need the storage space for new projects, hehehe.

The design makes it easy to go bigger - you simply add more columns and rows of chevrons. And the solid neutral rows with the sunflowers. Soooo cut more squares. Stitch more HST's. Cut.

Press. Trim to size. 

Don't you love the pile of sliver trimmings? Something about the tiny slivers makes my heart happy. I don't like waste but I love the little piles of slivered fabric. Maybe it just shows I am accomplishing something. 

My yellows are close in tone, even though this is scrappy. More flower petals traced and cut. Flowers stitched. Now to assemble and assess the overall size since I am making this bigger than even the pattern allowed. I'm doing my typical out of the box, cut things up and mix them together quilt making. 

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