Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Feral Cats

This is NOT a quilting post.
There you are warned :)

Miss No Name looks too young for babies
This IS a feral (wild or undomesticated) cat post. I picked up another feral cat today from our local shelter. She was trapped and brought into the shelter last week. Apparently she was pregnant and promptly had 3 kittens. However they might have been premature or maybe the shelter environment was too terrifying for the mom cat to care for them properly - whatever it was, all 3 kittens died within a day. Tragic, I know.

Cash hanging out in a nest box

Moving forward, she was spayed Friday and needed a home. One of the shelter volunteers contacted me thankfully. Poor girl was curled in her litter box and was just limp as they donned a heavy glove and lifted her from the cage. She seemed super depressed. When my daughter got home she looked in the crate to meet the new rescue, then reached in and found the little girl was open to being petted. This is another cat that makes us wonder if she is truly feral or simply dumped and scared. Our experience is that many female cats get dumped once it is obvious they are pregnant.

Black and White and Fluffy eating kibble.

We took her up to the kitty condo in the far barn to get her settled in. She sniffed and was sniffed by the other residents. We showed her the food, water and litter box. We left her crate with the door opened, so she could hide if she felt insecure or join the group. There are 3 permanent residents right now and one seasonal cat.

Cash and my Littlest
Carol Feral hangs out in the cat space during the winter but during the warmer weather she has been wandering more. Black and White spends her days snoozing on the John Deere tractor and during dawn and dusk hours, she slaughters every rodent she can find, LOL. She didn't know she was a hunter when she came here. Fluffy is a long haired, black female that floats in and out. We can't confirm she has killed anything but she is happy. Cash is the lone boy. He stays in the cat condo round the clock. We aren't sure why he has no wanderlust. All are safe and healthy which is our goal.    


  1. I'm so glad you take care of these cats! I think it is so sad that people will dump their pets when they get pregnant because they are too lazy to get them fixed in the first place.

    1. Out of all our rescue kitties, we only have one boy. The rest are girls who were pregnant. I love having them :)