Friday, June 13, 2014

Binding on a Spool

I have been sewing baby things for a friend. I love the anticipation of a new baby in our midst. I don't have grandbabies, so I have fun fussing over other peoples babies.

I made straight grain binding but wasn't ready to bind until the next day. I hated to wrinkle it again so I wrapped it around an empty spool. It's a little trick I read somewhere to hold binding strips. I don't recall what they actually used - I used an empty spool because it is what I had handy. It worked great! The spool would never hold enough for a bed size quilt but was great for a baby quilt.

When it came time to put the binding on the quilt, I popped the spool on the extra spool holder on my machine. It worked amazingly. I was delighted. One less thing snaking across my lap.

I made a label for the quilt using my machines embroidery features. I forgot to put the year on it though! I'm still learning my skills as a quilter :)


  1. I would love to have an embroidery machine to make my labels with.

    1. I bought my Babylock Ellure used several years ago. Check Craigslist for machines. Try to budget in the money to cover a clean and service to be sure everything is in great working order. It cost me right around $100 in Oklahoma City at a dealer but it got the embroidery tension and such back in balance.