Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Stitching Corner

Welcome to  my sewing corner!

I dream of a light filled sewing room or studio. Until my Sewing Fairy Godmother appears with her magical wand, I will stitch happily in a corner of my bedroom. I'm delighted to have a permanent place to create. For years I had to transport machines from my closet to the dining room table and back again each day. This is a great improvement.

My husband encouraged me to find a sewing cabinet last year. Craigslist to the rescue! I found this baby is amazing condition from a sweet lady that was moving to Maine and needed to reduce her furniture. The machine hole does not fit any of my machines, so they sit on top for now. Has anybody ever altered the hole? Pros and cons? I think we can do it ....

You can see my newest lady, a Janome Horizon 8900 in the first photo way up above. It looks stuffed full of a king size quilt - in reality, I had plenty of room to turn and spin the quilt. It is an incredible machine. I also have an 80's model Babylock Ellure and a Brother 1034D serger.

I feel so blessed to have three machines for my creative yearnings. I sew clothes, crafts, quilts, whatever takes my fancy. My kids have all enjoyed having an in house seamstress to mend, alter or create their clothes or costumes. I guess we never outgrow the desire for custom clothing. I know I have never outgrown the need to create beautiful and functional items.

At one time I had more machines and a huge cabinet full of fabrics but a house fire in 2010 destroyed our little world. My Babylock was in the shop and survived but I lost 3 other machines, including a hand me down from my grandmother in law. I bought the serger online while still living in a hotel. The Janome was my reward this year for surviving and rebuilding. Now to rebuild my treasure of textiles. I miss the old stacks of fabric.

 My current fabric stash lives in a big tote bag right now. I am keeping an eye out for a cabinet that will hold yards and yards of textiles AND fit into my little space. I will succeed eventually. My fabric addiction has grown since this pic but it may not be wise to post the evidence where my family could see my truth. They know I have a problem. They humor me by looking the other way when I carry arms full of bolts to the cutting table, asking for a yard of each fabric. There is no 12 step program for my problem.

Thank you for stopping in to check out my corner! I am going to do my best to link to Ellison Lane and The Sewing Loft's Studio Spotlight Tour. Have a fabulous day!  :)


  1. Thanks for linking up your space and inviting us in for a peek!

  2. Thank you for sharing your sewing space with us on The Studio Spotlight Tour. ~Heather

  3. Oh, there's a program...we just have to hit bottom first. Then, of course, we go to a little quilt shop. Whew, thank goodness there are still a few LQS left!
    Thanks for sharing: I really enjoyed the post!