Thursday, August 8, 2013

AWOL camera

When it rains, it pours, right? First my camera was misbehaving. Now it is gone. I have no idea where it disappeared. Instead of accepting that it was pretty trashed anyway, I keep looking for the crazy thing. It wasn't working but I insist I find it before replacing it?!? My brain is shot! I think the Oklahoma humidity and heat have melted my common sense. 

And since a blog is a boring without pictures .... I haven't been posting. I'm still stitching but no show and tell for me  : (

I will start shopping for a new camera tonight. It won't be fancy. I just kill them anyway, LOL. Please feel free to share what you use for pictures. I need a camera. Need! School is going to start in another week and I want to carve out sewing time for myself. 

Joy of joys - I am done homeschooling children! Wahoo!! I love teaching my kids. I really do but I'm happy to wrap it up. The last two are enrolled in college. I will now be relegated to homework assistance. I can do that ;) 

Is your summer winding down yet?  

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