Saturday, March 16, 2013

Trees! Trees! Trees!

We have been so busy planting trees. Oklahoma has been in a drought for a few years. Summer heat has been insane - over 100o for weeks at a time. Then you factor in several ice storms and we have lost several trees. And I love trees. They provide shade for my sensitive pale skin, plus they are pretty. 

So I bought some tree seedlings. 

200 tree seedlings.

Yes, I am an overachiever. I bought them from the state forestry service as bare root babies. They arrived and were bigger than we expected - yeah! I had set aside an area as a 'nursery' to let them grow larger before we plant them all over the property. Plant the survivors that is - they have a high death rate around here. The nursery isn't huge but we squeezed them all in - Ash, Lavender, Pecan and Ponderosa Pine trees. The Lavender are actually bushes.

Spring isn't here yet but our local Wal Mart had fruit trees in stock. Yeah you guessed it, I had to have some. We lost our last fruit tree a couple of years ago. My husband and son dug the holes and voila - we have 6 new baby fruit trees waiting for spring and leaves. Two each of peach, apple and pear. Different varieties for cross pollination, of course but yummy fruit one day, if we can keep them alive.  

I'm trying to do my part to beautify the homestead and provide more oxygen for Planet Earth. God says to practice stewardship. I wasn't sewing ut I have been happily planting lately. 

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