Sunday, March 10, 2013

Janome or Brother

Rainbow events had me in the city again this weekend. I love Rainbow but not the city so much. Since I am considering a new or different machine, I stopped in at a dealer to see the Janome machines. Specifically the Janome Horizon 7700 QCP. Or that was the plan. 

They had a nice store with lots of shiny, new sewing and serging machines. However the Janome's they have posted for sale on their website are NOT in their store. They had many Brother machines, some Singer machines and Elna I think. 

The saleslady directed me to an alternative machine, in the new Brother V series line, the Dreamweaver. I'm a sucker for new sewing machines and this one was pretty. She has oodles of stitches and functions. A red laser line to keep you sewing straight. A roomy throat space for big quilts. So many fabulous features. 

For $3500!!!

Oh my golly .... I have cars that I did not pay that much. The Dreamweaver comes with a lovely big table. But she is an expensive girl. 

They demonstrated and taught me some functions, stitches, encouraged me to sew on her. They stitched MY name without an embroidery hoop on her. I was in love. She even has blue on her face. Blue is my favorite color. I want one!

But I do not have that kind of money. So when my daughter texted she was done for the day, I said farewell and left Dreamweaver at the store. I heard the sweet notes of her song as I walked away. It was a tearful goodbye. 

I was confused because I had went in to the store to explore one machine and instead was shown a fancier machine. Maybe I should make the Dreamweaver a goal and skip the Janome Horizon 7700 QCP? The Janome cost more than several of our cars but it came in at $2800 retail. They do offer a Janome 8900 which does more, it will raise your children, but it is out of my personal price range. Where is a $300 machine that will do the same stuff? Wahh! 

I came home, did research and pondered. Then I went to you tube and found several videos reviewing and praising the Janome. I found videos that went step by step how to thread it, sew with it, change feet, everything. It was fabulous. I found the promotional video for the Dreamweaver but that was it. It must be a really new machine.

I have not bought either machine. There is not a dealer within an hour that has a Janome in stock. I have Brother and Babylock dealers an hour away. It makes it tough to have any hands on time with a machine. 

I am listing the pro's and con's. I am leaning to the Janome. There is so much information out there to help me. Time and finances will tell. I also started looking online for a used Janome ... No used Dreamweavers anywhere, yet. I love a great bargain!  

Just in case you are interested ...
 Janome Horizon 7700QCP
A link to the Janome Horizon 7700 QCP though it may not work as a link.

A link to the Brother Dreamweaver though it may not work as a link. 
Brother Dreamweaver

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