Sunday, May 17, 2015

Petting MY fabrics

I am testing a new quilt pattern. It's super cute and colorful. I can't show you the whole shebang yet. I'm posting mainly to show I am survivng the crazy tornado weather in central Oklahoma. I actually sent the kids and dogs into the shelter last week. I however stood on the carport watching the rotations and chatting with God. I pray a lot. I pray extra when it seems my little personal world will be sucked off of Planet Earth.

At least we had a lovely rainbow after one storm.
So back to stitching stuff ...
I cut the background fabric, then had the incredible pleasure of digging thru my stash to find over 20 different fabrics to test this flower pattern. This is why we have a stash!

Oh the joy of stacking up all the pretty colors! Admiring all the patterns :)

Petting fabric right here at home! It almost felt naughty. I know I'm not alone with this silly petting fabric thing. I need to dig into my stash more often. Go dig into your stash. Aren't they pretty? Now you know why you can't pass up a good deal of fabric.

Have a great day!!

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