Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dolly Quilt completed!

You can see our Cardigan Corgi's and Cavalier's on the other side of the fence.
Tada! Here is the Dolly Quilt. 
She was made to compete in the Handmaids Challenge from Joy Studio. I love the She Who Sews line designed by Janet Wecker Frisch. It's creative and so much fun! 

I used a pastel variegated thread for quilting in the blocks. 

I could not find the table that goes around my machine. I think I wasted a couple of hours looking for it. It is under my nose - I just can't see it today. Oh well, I managed anyway using more decorative stitches. Not as detailed maybe but Dolly isn't fussing :) 

Completing her means I am eligible to win a lovely prize package. The great news, you can win a prize too! 3 people (not in the competition) will be chosen at random. You can enter to win a "She Who Sews" panel by going to Joy Studio and leaving a comment. 
Wahoo! We all love prizes.   


  1. Hi Heidi - I have gone back three posts to see the progress of your She Who Sews dolly quilt project, and I loved seeing the progression. Good job and very creative. Nice job. Two of you have created dolly quilts in the challenge, yours dolly sized and the other is a great big doll. I am inspired by both! And I can't wait to try something similar soon, looks like fun. Thank you for playing. ~ Janet

  2. It's beautiful! Granny would be so proud of you :-)

    1. Thank you! That makes me feel so good :)