Friday, March 7, 2014

An older lady in my life

There is another lady in my life.
In my husbands life.
She is in our bedroom!

And she is OOOOOOOOLD!!!

Her serial is G 4764606

Born in 1916. She is a Singer Red Eye aka model 66. I am still learning about her, so you will probably see and hear more as I learn.

Her cabinet is intact for the most part. Someone at some time let some red paint overspray get on the 'lid' and left side. You can see it some in the picture. Her lid is split - the veneer is lifting. If need be, I will find the right wood and build her a new lid but maybe we can just repair the veneer. It has all 7 drawers, including a drawer with some extra feet, a spare belt and some items I cannot identify, LOL. I need to get pictures and we can identify stuff together :)

For now, her wheel turns freely. Her decals are in great shape. She seems very intact considering she came from a home where she was simply decoration. She is my first vintage machine. Or is it proper to call her antique? Either way .... I'm so excited!!


  1. I love my redeye or redhead - depending on who you talk to. You are going to love sewing on her. You can find a lot of information on restoring her at, they also have a yahoo group you can join.

    1. Thank you! I will definitely join :)